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Neat Niches

Frameless Sleeping Cat Wall Art Picture Home Decor Acrylic Paint

$24.95 USD


As the German quote says "Canvas kann was". (Canvas can do it)

It might not be Garfield, but who knows all his relatives.

Most people can understand the feelings we have for our beloved pets. They won't understan that we adore pictures like this.

The same as now - you either got it or not. 


Material: Canvas
Type: Oil Paintings
Size: 40x50cm
Support Base: Canvas
Frame mode: Unframed
Frame: No
Shape: Rectangle
Medium: Acrylic
Technics: Hand Painted
Materials : acrylic paint painting on canvas nylon brush
vintage painting: canvas painting
home decoration: wall art picture
type: abstract painting
package: rolled in tube
Calligraphy and painting type: Canvas Painting